Andre Obereigner | Learning Data Science
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The Secret of Learning Data Science Is Regular Practice

Learn and advance your data science skills and then apply them to real world problems.

Over time I came across a number of resources that not only help us to learn and advance our skills but also to stay current with the latest trends in data science. Ultimately, you can test your skills and accumulate experience by participating in competitions that try to harness the power of data in order to solve real word problems.

I hope the list helps you to get started. And please let me know if you can think of additional resources.

Data Science Competitions

The following websites offer compelling data science competitions based on real word problems on a regular basis. Take a look and see whether there is a competition that you want to challenge yourself with.

  • Kaggle ( hosts challenging competitions and intriguing datasets.
  • DrivenData ( hosts data science competitions to help nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations to benefit from the power of data.

Data Science Learning Resources 

The Internet does definitely not suffer from a lack of learning resources. There are plenty of offerings available. The challenging part is finding courses that interest you and represent a good match with your desired learning goals. Below is a list of sites that I check out on a regular basis.

  • codecademy ( teaches how to code in various languages.
  • Coursera ( hosts courses in a variety of areas from many universities and institutions from around the world.
  • DataCamp ( offers R, Python and data visualization courses.
  • edX ( hosts courses in a variety of areas from many universities and institutions from around the world including data analysis and statistics.
  • Udacity ( provides nanodegree programs and free courses built by industry leaders like Google, Amazon and Facebook.