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Support Us at Bonfaremo

Want to Support Us at Bonfaremo?

Bonfaremo is an organization that was  founded in 2011 to support educational institutions in Africa, aid financially dependent students and build new schools where they are most needed. In Esperanto, the language originally developed to simplify communication on earth, Bonfaremo means charity.

In large parts of the Africa there is a tangible lack of money and opportunity to provide even the most basic education for the children. However, education is often the only way to escape poverty, as it stimulates creativity, productivity and proactivity, and leads the way towards a better future.

Bonfaremo is a non-profit association with no political or religious affiliations that exists solely to aid educational institutions in the poorest countries on earth.

Project Overview

Bonfaremo was founded to give more students in Africa the chance to a brighter future by providing them with a basis of education. We support selected educational institutions in Kenya and Tanzania, find sponsors for financially dependent students and build new schools where they are most needed.

Msafiri English Medium Pre- and Primary Schools

Msafiri English Medium Pre- and Primary Schools in Kisangara, Tansania

Opened in Kisangara in 2004, Msafiri English Medium School is an extraordinary African boarding school. As is common in boarding schools, students live, eat and sleep communally and spend their weekends at school, but the dedication and effort of the dean and the educational staff is highly out of the ordinary.

Pemaca Educational Centre

Pemaca Education Centre in Nkama, Kenia

The Pemaca Education Centre in Kenya (Loitokitok) is Peterson Nyaga’s vision of a school that offers orphans and children from poor families a positive future. Education is the path to prosperity, knowledge and wisdom.

Malage Workshop & Vocational Training Centre

Malage Workshop & Vocational Training Centre in Kisangara, Tansania

The ‘Malage Workshop & Vocational Training Centre’ in Kisangara is an institution that provides vocational education to young men and women. Many people in Tanzania miss out on secondary or higher education because they cannot afford it. As, the chances of finding a good job with no training are close to non-existent, Malage offers its students perspective and motivation.


Bonfaremo has three major objectives:

  1. Our first objective is to ensure the development, expansion and operation of schools in Africa and around the world. We think it is important to know where donations are used. Donors can therefore select which project they would like to support.
  2. Our second objective is the support of students. Many families in Africa cannot afford tuition fees for their children or even the simplest of school supplies for such as pens, pencils and notebooks. We are convinced that education is their best chance to break the cycle of poverty, and we see it as our duty to grant students of all ages this basic human right. On our website, we introduce students whom you can help by becoming a godparent, guiding them towards the path to a brighter future.
  3. Our third objective is the recruitment of new members and sponsors. Whishing to continue and expand our work, we are always on the lookout for new projects. Unfortunately – due to lack of sufficient funds – we can only support a limited number of projects. We therefore welcome every new member who supports us with an annual fee of 40 Euro or 20 Euro (for students and apprentices). Additionally, we cooperate with numerous companies who share our vision to fight poverty in the world. Regular donations offer us a high level of planning certainty and allow long-term and sustainable engagements.

Executive Board

The executive board of Bonfaremo is currently composed of:

Tim-Hendrik Meyer
Tim-Hendrik Meyer
1. Chairman
Matthias Sandberg
Matthias Sandberg
2. Chairman
Andre Obereigner
Andre Obereigner
Felix Garbe
Felix Garbe
Founder and Secretary